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Dec. 13th, 2007

I needed to write alot down in here, just to ramble sort of thing. But everytime i open this window my mind goes blank :|

I've been poorly for the past week or so (small violins again) and i still dont feel myself. My head is banging and it feels like im walking around in a daze! I'm feeling just a bit poo in general really, i have nothing left to look forward to and im still skint as hell. I'm not even looking that forward to xmas.. I guess im a bit excited because i dont know what anyones getting me. I haven't asked for anything and couldnt care less if i get nothing but... nobody has actually asked me what i want this year which means they have stuff planned and its all a big suprise :P

Actually, scrap that. The thing im most looking forward to is being able to lounge around for a few days, watch xmas tele, eat chocolate and nuts and have an excuse for getting drunk on nice wine during the day! Although part of me thinks i should take it easy that year... as i have put on some weight *sigh*.

(Oh god, reading over that i realise how much of a selfish shit i sound! Xmas is about love, family frienship, etc. bla)

Its not much weight at all really and i dont think i really look much different, maybe a cheeky love handle here or there. But i guess im just one of those people who never puts on weight and now i have discovered i that have for the first time im a bit suprised. I blame joblessness.

Oh god. I've just made myself hungry! *double sigh*

Umm in other news i have adopted dinas hamsters for a few days. One of them is a right nibbly little bastard, so he doesnt get much attention. I feel quite bad for it actually but it really needs to sort its act out, maybe go to hamster detention school or something. Its quite an active little thing though, its been awake practically all day and night as far as im aware, and has shredded up and bitten every piece of newspaper in the cage and stuffed it all into the corner into a massive den, it looks well comfy. The other one has just been asleep! The lazy little bastard.

Anyway im off to make me my 300th bowl of chicken soup this week. Ahh the perk of being ill.


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