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Its official, i do have an interview at 9am tomorrow. Im sooooooo scared! I always get nervous for like talks, presentations and meeting important people so i know its natural, and i always manage to do fine ( i seem to get the gift of the gab when im nervous!) but i guess this is quite an important interview.

I'd be over the chuffing moon if i got the job!! At the same time i wouldnt be too upset if i didnt, because its based in Pentwyn, which is a bitch to get to when you dont drive. It'd take me about and hour and a half to two hours to get to work everyday (on public transport) The other option is, if i do get an offer, to do an intensive driving course, which is expensive as fook, but probably worth it in the long run. Hmm. Job = money = experience. Pentwyn = shite location.

Anyway its for a company that designs offices with up to a million pound contracts....kerching! They have just started doing retail and commercial stuff like hotels, resturants and things like carshow rooms. My recruitment advisor blokee got me the interview after telling the company about my 'Colour-Cure Corridor' project (haha sounds lame! but its an office installation that uses light therapy to reduce stress) but apparently they loved it. So go me! Plus the recruitment bloke is also giving me a lift in the morning! Couldn't ask for much more really. He's been fooking ace, i only met him like 2 weeks ago and hes got me an interview already and he says theres probably more. I met another bloke about three months ago from a different recruitment company and hes hardly got in contact with me... so Kudos (whatever they are) to Acorn recruitment. Highly reccomended!

Regardless of job outcome, i think i would like to go out and get nicely rat arsed this weekend, in the name of christmas.x

Oh and Haha! Dinas dad is buying me a bottle of wine for being a good friend to Dina, bless his cotton socks! That actually made my day.


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