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Hello. So its 2008, its the year for getting a job, learning to drive, getting a place of my own and growing up.

I'm with Dina on the drinking thing, i am definately cutting down from now on. I've just recovered from what, basically has felt like a two week long bender, even when i was flued up i was drinking. Not good sense. So yes maybe the occasional friday or saturday night, but no longer 3 days every weekend.

2008 is the year for good health. I'm going to try and find myself a new dentist as i cant remember the last time i went and now im off the books. I'm going to take the plunge and visit the doctor for routine health checks, jabs (cry.) etc. I've started taking Cod Liver Oil as i read its very good for you.

And i'm gonna get off my lazy arse and do some more excercise, even if its something stupid like getting myself a glass of water even if someone else has offered. And more sex, apparently the best form of exercise!

If i had a job right now i'd be made. Speaking of which, i should here off the people i went for an interview with. I'm really anxious about the outcome, because if i have got it, its too good to turn down right now, but at the same time i have no idea how im going to get there and back everyday for 8.30 in the morning. I could get a taxi but thats going to be ridiculously expensive. But then getting a bus to town, a train to cardiff, a bus from cardiff to Pentwyn... probably adds up to near enough the same. Basically Pentwyn is right between Newport & Cardiff but hard to get to unless you bloody drive. I wish i didnt put driving off for so long :(

I have however, put the wheels in motion, i have a license form (somewhere) that i picked up a few months ago...assuming it hasnt changed, and i just got my passport pictures done at Tesco (i look like a mug)

This year is also the year for travelling. I want to go to Paris (i know its cliche but i don't give a shit) and Ireland and Venice and Rome and Madrid. Just for a weekend i'd be happy :) I also need to visit my uni friends as i havent really contacted them properly for a while.

Also if i havent got a design job by June i;m going to start up my own business, because there are NO independant interior/space designers in Newport or surrounding area. I found one business that was somewhere near Blackwood i think, and they charged £40 an hour and they were Royal Shite, they redecorated houses, but probabaly has worse taste than my Nan, apparently with textiles and carpet picked out by Stevie Wonder on acid.

And... bollocks. I was meant to ring about a job at 118 247 today and ive just realised its 5.30, balls. I hope they havent gone by tomorrow, they rang me ages ago :( Balls.

P.S i spent my new years eve at the Phills flat with Phill, Lewis & his girlfriend, Rendel and some chavvy stoner twat. I got really drunk really quickly to amuse myself and insulted the said chav, and he undoubtably heard me. So if i dissapear off the face of the planet, the Rogerstone Mafia Massive have probably abducted me.


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