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Jan. 21st, 2008

Its 20 past 10 and im in bed ready for sleep. I sorta feel old.

Anwyho (i dont know if i said but..) i started new job last monday, tis ok. Today i was on the phones and the majority of the people i had through were REALLY scottish people. I couldnt understand a word they were saying, were really abrupt and nasty, and i had NEVER heard of half the places in scotland, they're worse than welsh towns. I also realised that i dont know the majority of locations in the UK, my geography is awful. I also had two prank calls... like 'can i have the number of a sexy woman?'. Tis actually quite funny, sorta breaks up the mundane calls quite well.

I've been quite organised lately, im getting all my finances in order, started up internet banking, and when i start getting paid (friday!!) i can start paying people back their money in weekly installments. go me! Also me & the phillip are going to see a house to let on saturday morning. tis in the street directly up from Le Pub. Heaven!! It has the coolest spiral stair case EVER. although the estate agent said its in bad condition, i guess we'll be the judges of that. Tis a two bedroom house and Dina may be having the other room :) tis good cos i get some of my favouritest people in the same house.

im just watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and i now really really regret not going to see Bill Bailey at like 2am at Glastonbury. :(

In other news, im getting a new phone on wednesday... i have actaully had the phone im using now for about 4 years. its oooooooooooold (well compared to todays standards!) I have nothing else to say so toodlepip.x


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