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Nov. 14th, 2008

Long time no update, which i kind of do alot.

Umm i dont know where to start really, i mean since i last updated. I quit at 118 after getting a job at an architects practice in Cardiff in May. They then offered to pay for a Masters course for me, which means i started a MA:Urban Design course in September at UWE, but i've stopped working there :( So i'm officialy a skint student again *sigh*

I do however have a job guaranteed for the next 3 years at the same architects practice as an Urban Designer :) woop. So come June next year i will be a professional and have a big fat dissertation under my belt- that is actually quite scary.

I also moved in with Phill in about June. Dina moved into the other room a month or two later so all is good :)

It hasn't been all plain sailing though.. my mum moved out of our family home in August which was really difficult. It came as a shock but she was unhappy there on her own and we all had to respect that. I really miss the house and its memories, and now it feels like i have no real home, but hopefully it will never come to the point where i'm actually 'homeless' so to speak.

Anyway thats all there really is to report on. Life has been good for the past 6 months or so, its also been a bit difficult, Phill and I came close to splitting up for a while which was horrendous, i just didn't know what to do with myself. But i'm pretty sure thats all in the past now. I guess everyone goes through these kinda things - 'Character building' my Dad would always say.

Hello to anyone that actually still reads this. Which is probably nobody but still its nice to get something down in writing thats not a report or acedemic.



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